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La Sonce River, France

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

One morning I awoke from a dream and the words La Sonce were imprinted in my mind. At the time, I was not thinking of the book but was compelled to look up those words, When I discovered that La Sonce was a river in France, I read about its location and its significance to the area.

Once I realized the La Sonce river was near Ger, a location for pottery manufacture until the turn of the century, I knew that the message I had received was about the book. The more information I gleaned about the area and the factory, the more certain I became that it would become part of the story line.

La Sonce River and the commune of Ger became integral parts of Elijah’s life as his knowledge of and skill in pottery making grew. It was in Ger that he forged his association with the Freedom movement, here that he was introduced to the connections and workings of the business end of the effort, here that he became aware of the avenues of traffic that had been established by his father John, and here that his connection and partnership with Joshua, who was the channel for diamond acquisition, solidified. The setting even put him in contact with his future wife Rosa.

So, that night can be considered a special night in my life because it provided the dream that was pivotal in the plot and workings of this book and a I am grateful for that special delivery message. By the way, La Sonce river does in fact flow upstream.

La Sonce river itself is depicted on the website below and it is the path Elijah followed to the area, where he began his courtship with Rosa, where he went to contemplate his own existence, and where he saw people off to safety.

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