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CBS Radio Interview.

CBS Radio’s

Sheila Wood, the author of “Waiting For Elijah: A Walk Through Time,” is interviewed by CBS Radio’s Benji Cole. The interview is about the discussion of the message of the book as well as the author’s purpose for writing this masterpiece. People of Distinction is one of the most wide-ranging radio shows in the United States, hosted by Benji Cole and Al Cole from CBS Radio. People of Distinction is the right fit for authors and readers to discover newly published books, mostly written by passionate and independent authors.

Benji Cole, the host of the program, is a world-class interviewer, video formulator, Los Angeles actor, and filmmaker. He’s shared the acting stage with superstar Tom Hanks.

“Waiting For Elijah: A Walk Through Time” by Sheila Wood is a historical mystery surrounding the Friedman family’s emigration to the United States from Germany in 1933.

Sheila J. Wood, Ph.D., is an author and Intuitive Healing Coach. As a medium and Akashic Records Reader, she provides a path for the reconciliation of emotions around ancestral and past life events that may be casting a shadow during this incarnation. Although any issue may be addressed, modules have been developed around such issues as self-esteem and phobias. Her gifts as a seer and lightworker may help others choose their best course during their time on Earth. As an author, her stories reflect her capability to understand the soul journey within people’s lives and uncover the energetic threads that connect all beings.

She is a retired scientist who spends her time writing and studying metaphysics. The energetic threads running through her stories tend to reinforce the concept that we are all connected and influence outcomes in life across geography and time. As characters develop in these stories, it becomes evident that they acquire a broader understanding of their purpose. She hopes that you enjoy the stories and benefit from them.

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The book has a layered plot that weaves together events in everyday life and creates a complex tapestry that reaches into the past. Events that unfold do not make sense and come with a feeling of chilling uneasiness. The story starts as Phoebe attends the funeral of her grandfather in 2005. Directly following his passing, an antiquities dealer is murdered after handling a piece of the family’s heirloom ceramics. For the next four years, Phoebe investigates the murder along with her family’s connections in Europe. She traces the Friedman ‘family business’ across four generations, two continents, five Western European countries, and one very important World War.

She learns that the Friedman Freedom Fighters were embedded in several international cities during this period and traded goods for lives. Phoebe’s evolution as a person and as a participant in the family business finds her confidently settled in her grandfather’s house, raising another generation of Friedmans as time continues to create and cycle her family’s legacy.

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