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Mediumship is the practice of mediating communication between the spirits of those who have transitioned and those remaining on the Earthly plane. Practitioners are known as "mediums" or "spirit mediums". There are different types of mediumship or spirit channelling, including receiving, trance, and séance.


Classes in mediumship have provided me with the tools necessary to receive spirit messages and deliver them to another person. As part of skill development, regular practice helps sharpen the clarity of    messages. I channel and deliver messages from Spirit after obtaining permission from the person being contacted. I open and close each session under specific guidelines and deliver confirmation from the spirit coming through. This is accomplished by revealing a truth that is known only to the spirit on the other side and to the person receiving the messages. 

Prayers of protection are part of the process and ensure messages for the highest and best.

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Testimonial from my mentor who taught me everything I know about being a medium


“I have had the pleasure of observing Sheila Wood in her demonstration of metaphysical knowledge as well as her demonstration of mediumship over the last few years. Her knowledge of metaphysics is consistent with scientific findings and her common sense approach to teaching reflects her many years of study. Sheila's demonstration of mediumship is well received and always includes confirmation from the receiver of the information given.”


Robert (Bob) Bens




The Path served as the certifying organization. The Path is a metaphysical organization established for the purpose of the study of metaphysical phenomenon. The study of metaphysics is in the form of class work in parallel with religious church services. The Path received the tax-exempt 501-C3 status 8 years ago. The studies include healing and natural law in combination with channeling energy from spiritual sources. Principles of The Path include the awareness of God, the Golden Rule, continuation of Life, communication with spirit, and personal responsibilities for our actions.

The Brain in Meditation
Trance States
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