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Sharon, Elijah’s mother, was confronted with dual challenges at one point in her life. She knew that her presence would be needed as a decision maker in the business, but she was also preparing for the delivery of her first son after having three daughters. Most of her stress was coming from “what ifs”, the thoughts that plague an otherwise peaceful existence. Her trepidation about guiding the business and guiding a son prompted her to seek comfort, advise, and wisdom from a seer.

My experience as a medium fueled this bit of writing. However, when I sat down to complete this portion with pen to paper, the words started coming fast and furious and I felt like it was not me writing this portion. Five pages later, I sat back and relaxed, picked it up, read it, and knew – I did not write this. It came from somewhere, not sure where that was, but I am forever grateful because I think it is beautiful. As our language is sometimes difficult to grasp, there were grammar and phraseology issues that I polished but the message remains unchanged and I left it in the book. I was delighted with it but certainly cannot take credit for it because it came from somewhere outside of me.

I have read that when we channel it comes from the ascended masters or other realms and that it us outside the cosmic consciousness. To me, the levels of consciousness are not as important as the information being received. If that information is helping me or others, I convey it and express gratitude for receiving it.

I think this resonated with me because I myself have raised a son and have had a prolific career. Within the confines of human experience, I think that often we are hard on ourselves for not being perfect at all that is required. When the sun sets on any given day, we should be aware that our best human efforts can never compete with the gifts that rain down on us. We need to be aware of the pervasive wisdom that is available to us, be patient and listen for it.


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