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Hollywood Movie Script Coverage for “Waiting for Elijah: A Walk ThroughTime” by Sheila Wood

ARP’s Movie Script Coverage service aims to provide a written outline of the author’s book that will be stored in a database that major studios can consult when seeking stories to adapt into films. Recently, a Hollywood-style script was written for Sheila Wood’s “Waiting for Elijah: A Walk Through Time,” which has the potential to be a captivating and thought-provoking TV show that explores complex themes of identity, legacy, and morality, while also offering intrigue and suspense. A movie trailer is available via the utube link above.

The Movie Script is the common ground on which producers, directors, actors, and production teams working on the movie will collaborate from start to finish and serves as a roadmap for them in terms of what will be seen on the big screen. The production of the Movie Script coverage is to prepare for the screenplay to be produced.

“Waiting for Elijah: A Walk Through Time” is a complex historical mystery that follows the Friedman family’s emigration from Germany to the United States in 1933. The story interweaves everyday events to create a tapestry that reaches into the past, evoking a sense of chilling unease.

When Phoebe attends her grandfather’s funeral in 2005, an antiquities dealer is murdered after handling a piece of the family’s heirloom ceramics, leading Phoebe on a four-year investigation into the murder and her family’s connections in Europe. Through her journey, Phoebe traces the Friedman ‘family business’ across four generations, two continents, five Western European countries, and a very significant World War. She discovers that the Friedman Freedom Fighters were active in multiple international cities, trading goods for lives.

As the story comes full circle, we witness how Phoebe continues to be a player in the ‘family business’ which has morphed over time. Her genesis as a confident contributor finds her settled into her grandfather’s house, raising another generation of Friedmans and continuing the family legacy as time cycles forward.

Based on the book, “Waiting for Elijah: A Walk Through Time” would likely make a better TV show than a movie. The layered plot, numerous locations, and multi- generational storylines would require a lot of time to fully develop and explore. A TV show format would allow for more episodes and greater opportunities to delve into the historical and familial complexities of the story.

Additionally, the murder investigation that serves as the catalyst for Phoebe’s exploration into her family’s past could provide a compelling ongoing mystery that keeps viewers engaged throughout the series. With each episode, Phoebe could uncover new clues and piece together more of the puzzle, gradually unraveling the secrets and conflicts of her family’s history.

The author, Sheila Wood, PhD is a retired scientist and spends her time writing and studying metaphysics. The energetic threads running through her stories tend to reinforce the concept that we are all connected and influence outcomes in life across geography and time. As characters develop in these stories, it becomes evident that they acquire a broader understanding of their purpose. She hopes that readers may enjoy the stories and benefit from them.

Sheila is an Intuitive Healing Coach. As a medium and Akashic Records Reader, she provides a path for the reconciliation of emotions around ancestral and past life events that may be casting a shadow during this incarnation. Although any issue may be addressed, modules have been developed around such issues as self-esteem and phobias. Her gifts as a seer and lightworker may help others to choose their best course during their time on Earth.

As an author, her stories reflect her capability to understand the soul journey within people’s lives and uncover the energetic threads that connect all beings.

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