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Living through the challenges of WWII

“Waiting for Elijah” touches on several aspects of war that resonate long after the war ends. The war machine, as it has been called, was put into practice in almost every aspect of peoples’ lives even before the moment that we declared war. Remnants of life and death, industry, evil, love, but most of all survival instinct, remain from this war and many others today. We remember this one because of its intensity and breadth, notwithstanding the evils that were inflicted on a body of people defined by their culture. The energy that was deposited into the cosmic consciousness at that time has and will affect us all as years progress. This book watches boots on the ground initiative and is more about people, especially families, than it is about the battles of war per se. It is about daily living at its most robust amid fear and discouragement. It is about the resilience and the willingness of humanity to rise above hate and to make sure that the best life is around every corner. It is about the talents and ingenuity displayed on many levels to ensure good outcomes. It connects people energetically at the level of family and beyond across geographic boundaries and time. It is about living and meeting the challenges of life, even those we have little control over. It is about trust in one’s own spirit and the spirit of others. It is about being strong enough to persevere and reach the finish line.

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