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Akashic 2

Sheila Wood is extremely gifted and what's more she is diligent about her craft, making highly intuitive, well organized, and effective strides in guiding her clients to a truer understanding of self and life challenges. In just two sessions of one and a half hours each, Sheila was able to guide me through an Akashic reading that revealed the emotions and personal commitments that were getting in the way of my full joy and expression. Her reading uncovered blocked and stagnant emotions that once cleared allowed me to change longstanding unwanted and self-sabotaging behaviors. After almost thirty years of struggling to quit smoking, the information she revealed to me was instrumental in allowing me to understand the ways in which smoking was serving some basic personal and emotional needs, thus allowing me to perceive my habit in a more compassionate way. This led me to lose all attachment to my smoking, and within two weeks I had successfully and effortlessly relinquished my habit.

New Jersey, USA

Akashic 2
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