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Sheila J Wood, PhD is an author and Intuitive Healing Coach. As a medium and Akashic Records Reader, she provides a path for reconciliation of emotions around ancestral and past life events that may be casting a shadow during this incarnation. Although any issue may be addressed, modules have been developed around such issues as self-esteem and phobias. Her gifts as a seer and lightworker may help others to choose their best course during their time on Earth. As an author, her stories reflect her capability to understand the soul journey within people’s lives and uncover the energetic threads that connect all beings.

Healthful Energetics

Life and Health In Optimum Balance

Akashic Records provide information to remove toxicity and heal.

During an Akashic Records reading, I use three distinct skills to guide the release of harmful residual emotion - meditation, mediumship, and energetic healing. Following a guided meditation, problems and questions are brought forward and assessed concerning present day blocks. These blocks are then connected to emotions stemming from past trauma that remain within ancestral DNA memory and in the soul lineage. The impact of trauma-embedded emotions from the ancestral tree are identified prior to their release and transformation. Energies within the soul lineage are found while visiting the Records (past life regression) and are cleared and released. As a medium, I bring the two lines of inherited information into the conscious mind where it can be processed, understood, and transmuted to facilitate emotional detox. This information, which is critical to the release of toxic energies, is illuminated, and the entrenched emotions are then cleared. Tangible results may be obtained after one to two 2-hour sessions and tune ups may be required as emotions come up and peel off in layers. Once someone becomes consciously aware of what resides in their essence and can release emotional blocks, they can effectively move forward in their lives. Some examples are given under testimonials on this website.

Emotional Freedom Technique for emotional and physical health.

As a Certified EFT Practitioner*, I provide a means to alleviate pain and restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Appropriate EFT techniques allow once blocked energy to flow freely though the body’s meridians. The end result of restored and optimized energetic channels lessens the possibilities of disease. EFT addresses such maladies as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, phobias, fears, physical pain, anger, weight control, and relationship issues to name a few.


If issues and problems that cause physical or emotional pain hamper your life and you trust the body’s ability to overcome such pain given the correct adjustments, please feel free to contact me via this website or set up and appointment by phone.

Studies that use controlled scientific methods are provided in each section. I consider myself a continuing student in the study of healthful energy movement.

***Certified Human Design, EFT, and Reiki Practitioner,  Certified Medium, Spiritualist, and Akashic Records Reader, Guide, and Healer.

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