The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthful Energetics

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We could be in a race, in a war of sorts, with technology; a race that humans will obviously lose as computer technology soars ahead. Sure, vibrational energy can be digitized. Consciousness is vibrational energy and contains information with undefined boundaries. The hubris that surrounds continued computer technology development assumes the capability to define those boundaries.

Dr. Bill Bengston’s 30 year compilation of research into energy healing leads him to ascertain that energy has less to do with healing than information, information that is in fact carried on energy waves. He makes this distinction in a recent talk given at the Rhine organization in June 2020. Light Workers might translate this to mean vibrational information carried via light waves, a semantic argument. That said, Dr. Bengston in his experimentation, was able to record frequency waves of healing energy as sound and transfer the captured sound to a host. It was shown in these experiments that some energy - from 1 to 8 Hz – was not recordable by the device used and was later found to be important for efficacious healing. These frequencies represent areas of deep sleep and meditation in the brain - Delta and Theta brainwaves. It was concluded that even this low frequency level was a necessary part of the informational energy used in healing.

So if we look in terms of what happens when we use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to digitize

and capture consciousness, the probability is substantial that it may cut out nuances and necessary minor vibrations that may be critical to holistic consciousness replication. These nuances and minor vibrations contained in holistic energy, are however embedded in the Akashic Records. This vibrational energy is clearly consciously accessible holistic energy, representative of the comprehensive information within the universal matrix of energy that surrounds every life form. The energetic fringes that potentially will be lost during computer digitization of consciousness are important to the foundations of soul and to aspects of culture that join us as humans in communal environments.

Once digitization takes place and clips the humanity defining energy fringes, where does

the residual energetic information fall away? Does it remain in the Records? Whoever or whatever created the Akashic Records is going to be upset about the plagiarism by computers. Also, if computer simulation, as it moves toward reality (or not), is not part of

the original universal blueprint, then its implementation may be at odds with the evolution

of humanity as laid out in the vision of the original creators which is recorded in the

Akashic Records.

A.I. will struggle in its attempts to develop or replicate personalities. It is the ‘free will’ part of human consciousness that will take computers to the mat. Human nature is unpredictable and as long as we have free will, the computing probabilities that will be necessary to cover our free will choices lack preference and certainty. The probability that is worth mentioning here is the probability that maintaining comprehensive computing power to cover our free will choices, nuances, and imperfections will remain exhausted and depleted.

At this time in my world, I prefer to think of the possibilities of enlightenment proceeding

from the present base of information safely harbored in the Records rather than assume

that digitization of the energy of all knowledge across lifetimes will be efficacious or even possible.

Respectfully Referenced

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The Simulation Hypothesis by Rizwan Virk

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