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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthful Energetics

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

We could be in a race with technology, a race that portends a willingness to impart human consciousness as qubits which are the workhorses of quantum computing. If this serves as a course toward replication of the human consciousness, what may be lost? We have seen, using Artificial Intelligence capabilities, that vibrational energy can be digitized. The question that has presented itself to us most recently is - can consciousness be replicated? Replicating consciousness (defined as vibrational energy with somewhat undefined boundaries), has now gone beyond the realm of possibility to a direct path outlined in the workings of quantum computing. Previous development assumed the capability to harvest and recreate information within boundaries – we now see capabilities to capture and replicate boundaryless consciousness.

A prominent scientist’s work in this area is described below. He asked the question....Can Quantum Computers Simulate Consciousness? Michael B. Mensky 2009. Many people believe that mysterious phenomenon of consciousness may be connected with quantum features of our world. We have proposed a concept that allows an explanation of consciousness and super-consciousness (intuitive knowledge). Brain, according to this concept, is an interface between consciousness and super-consciousness on the one part, and body on the other part. Technical devices improving usage of super-consciousness (intuition) may exist. These were some of the first steps toward computer interaction with intuition.

So as we explore some possibilities that move us toward replication of consciousness and some of the known challenges of capturing every level of consciousness in the process, let us take a look at Dr. Bengston’s work. Dr. Bill Bengston’s 30 years of research into energy healing leads him to ascertain that energy has less to do with healing than information, information that is in fact carried on energy waves. (Light Workers might translate this to mean vibrational information carried via light waves, a semantic argument). That said, Dr. Bengston was able to record healing frequencies as sound and transfer the captured sound to a host to achieve healing. In these experiments, some of the energy - from 1 to 8 Hz – was not recorded by the device used. These missing frequencies were later found to be important and necessary for efficacious healing. They represented deep sleep and meditation in the brain - delta and theta brainwaves. It was concluded that even these low frequency levels were a necessary part of the informational energy used in healing.

So, if we take a lesson from what happened in Dr. Bengston’s work and look in terms of what might happen if we use quantum computing to capture consciousness, the probability exists that it may cut out nuances and minor vibrations that are critical to holistic consciousness and personality quirks. This vibrational energy is accessible holistic energy, representative of the full breadth of information within the universal matrix of energy that surrounds every life form – the Akasha. The energetic fringes that may potentially be lost during computer rendering of consciousness are important to the foundations of soul and to aspects of culture that join us as humans in communal environments.

If and when replications of consciousness take place and we find that this process clips off some of our humanity-defining energies (characteristics), where will the residual energetic fringes go? Do they remain in the Records? Or will the original Akashic Recordings appear changed as they become incompletely plagiarized by computers. Also, if computer replication of consciousness, as it slowly becomes a reality, was not part of the original universal blueprint, then its implementation may be at odds with the evolution of humanity as laid out in the vision of the original creators. And over time, will we be able to go back to the original outlay of information, as it was recorded in the Akashic Records?

I believe that A.I. will struggle in its attempts to replicate human personalities and to include every part of our energies. I also believe that it is the ‘free will’ part of human consciousness that will take computers to the mat. Human nature is unpredictable and as long as we have free will, the computing probabilities necessary to cover our free will choices will lack preference and certainty. The question remains - can we envision a ‘certainty algorithm’ around computing capabilities that cover all free will choices, human nuances, and imperfections?

At this time in my world, I prefer to think that the information and enlightenment stored within the Akashic Records will prevail and contained therein are all the nuances necessary to sustain perfect soul energy and our total personalities. Although the computer capabilities may evolve to copy consciousness, what might we be giving up and what would be the cost?

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