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Our Connections to Cosmic Consciousness

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When we meditate and reap the benefits of the energy that centers us, how do we know that the light we bring in changes us for the better? We feel a sense of calm, a release of tension, and a connection to cosmic consciousness. Do we trust these feelings as being real or do we need evidence that something measurable is happening in and around our energetic field?

In the book The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden presents some data from experiments performed in the 1990’s that show the effects that light, emotion, and connection have on our DNA. He talks about how energy in the form of photons (light) affects and is affected by human DNA (Dr. Poponin: Dept of Defense). He relates experiments that show how emotions change the configuration and thus molecular structure of DNA. He also brings scientific evidence, through the study of DNA, that a matrix of energy connects everything in the universe.

Imagine that you are looking at a vacuum tube containing photons. The photons have a random distribution within the vacuum tube. When samples of human DNA are placed into the vacuum tube containing the photons, the photons arrange themselves differently in the presence of the DNA by shifting into regular arrays or patterns. Next, when the DNA is removed from the tube, the photons remain ordered, just as if the DNA were still in the tube.

The investigators’ explanation of this phenomenon follows: “We are forced to accept the working hypothesis that some new field structure is being excited. We call this the “DNA phantom effect.” What this experiment shows is a direct relationship between our DNA and the energy that surrounds us.

1) A type of energy exists that has previously gone unrecognized.

2) Cells and/or DNA influence matter through this form of energy

{It is interesting to note that ancient spiritual texts informed us that we have a direct effect on the world around us. No scientific proof needed}.

Additional experiments were conducted by the DoD to ascertain the extent of emotional influences on DNA. They started with the known premise that emotion influences the way our cells function. In 1990, U S Army investigators asked the extended question: “Does the power that our feelings have on living cells and DNA continue once the DNA is no longer part of the body?”

To test whether emotions impact tissue samples that were removed from the body,

a swab of tissue containing DNA was obtained from the subject’s mouth. The sample was taken into another room and placed into a specifically designed chamber. The DNA was measured to see if it responded to the emotions emanating from the person it came from. The subject was shown a variety of images to evoke emotion. In response to emotional peaks and dips, the DNA showed powerful electrical responses exactly corresponding to the emotional peaks and dips and at the same instants in time.

The DNA acted as if it were still physically connected to the body.

In continued studies, Dr Backster tested the effects of distance on the responses of DNA to emotions. The donor was separated from his cells/DNA by a distance of 350 miles. The previous experiment was repeated and response times were measured using an atomic clock. Intervals of time were measured between emotional responses and the cells’/DNA electrical responses. The emotional judications and the cells’/DNA responses occurred simultaneously; zero time differences were recorded by the atomic clock.

It can be seen from these experiments that a quantum field links all matter and therefore everything must be connected and remain connected. There is not a place where the body ends and not a place where it begins. We continue to be linked to everyone we come in contact with. How deep is this connection? The quality of the connection depends on how conscious – how aware - we are of its existence.

We can extrapolate from this information that a person’s emotions were in the DNA the moment they were created. A concrete example of this extrapolation is the following: On Sept 11, 2001 – those mom’s who were pregnant and experienced trauma during 9/11 transferred PTSD to their unborn babies. This transference can be mapped on the DNA.

1) A previously unrecognized field of energy exists between living tissues and allows cells and DNA to communicate.

2) Human emotion has a direct influence on living DNA

3) Distance appears to be of no consequence with regard to this effect

Lastly, an experiment performed by the group HeartMath in the 1990’s showed that emotion actually changed the shape of DNA. When a subject’s DNA was placed in a glass beaker and the subject was exposed to “coherent emotions” (a physiological state created by controlled emotional self management techniques), the human emotion changed the shape of the DNA. Different intentions produced different effects on the DNA, causing it to wind or unwind.

Thinking a bit beyond the data, it has been postulated that a web of subtle energy emerged at the beginning of time, when creation began. This energy has intelligence and responds to the power of human emotions. Herein is presented the picture of a connected and affected universe. If we can feel that our own dreams, wishes, and prayers are already answered, then it illumines the possibilities that with the power of our energy, we can heal, bi-locate, be everywhere at once, remote view, connect telepathically, choose peace, and use our power to focus consciousness.

I think a key to unlock this power lies in compassion. When Divine energy is present, it directs and focuses our consciousness without ego, without judgment. The key to optimizing our energetic health is to bring compassion into our consciousness and to be aware of universal energetic connections. This is how the Intelligent Mind, that Max Planck so eloquently spoke of, is grounded in each of us. This is how Divine energy structures us, connects us, maintains our DNA, nurtures our bodies, and protects our consciousness.

Our part in all of this is awareness. Feel it, sense it, hear it, see it. It is there.

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