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A Mirror of the Soul - The Akashic Records

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Imagine having a computer system that kept track of every event, thought, image, or desire that had ever transpired on earth. Imagine that in addition to written data and words, this system contained countless videotape and pictures, providing the viewer with an eyewitness account of all that had transpired within any historical time frame. Finally, imagine that this enormous database not only kept track of the information itself but also maintained the perspectives and emotions of every individual involved. As incredible as it may sound, this description gives a fairly accurate representation of the Akashic Records.

Around 1900 the Theosophists began writing about the records and at that time, only the mystics and the most devout talked about them. Before 1900, only celestial beings were privy to the records. So it was only in the 20th century, with the advent of the age of enlightenment, that people like you and I became aware of their existence and began to access them.

Edgar Cayce was a master at reading the Akashic Records. He helped thousands of people by the use of his intuitive ability. For over 40 years, Cayce gave readings using the Akashic Records as his primary resource material. Cayce had the ability to access and describe information from these records, information that would enable a person to discover everything from their essential purpose in life to the root cause of a long-standing problem to the resolution of a health issue. He brought forth a resource of stored information and claimed that it was available to everyone.

In 1934 Cayce defined these records further. He discussed what the Akashic Records were, explained how they were written, and clarified how an individual could gain access to the information. Apparently, any type of endeavor, whether action, thought, desire, or deed, creates some kind of activity of vibration. This vibration produces a mark upon the skein of space and time (cosmic consciousness) and is somehow permanently identified with the individual producing the vibration. Although unseen, it is an etheric energy, as evident to a sensitive person as the printed word is to a sighted person

In his own words,

When there is the thought or the activity of the body in any particular environ, this very activity makes for the impressions upon the soul...As to the records made by such an activity, these are written upon what is known as time or space; much in the form or manner as are the messages that are of a familiar nature to the body in its present activity. As the instruments of recording are used, so does the activity of ENERGY expended leave its imprint upon the etheric wave that records between time and space that DESIRED to be put, as to that impelling or producing. Just as the figures or characters make for communications between individuals, so does the soul upon the pages or records of time and space.

Excerpted from “Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life” by Todeschi, Kevin J.

In order to further explain the purpose of the Akashic Records, we could ask “What do they do?’ These records are comprehensively complete and accurate for each individual so, therefore, logical questions can be asked to inform across lifetimes. The acquired information assists each soul with its personal growth and transformation by bridging a window of insight into causes of blocks, so that energy can be realigned.

So is there a catch here? Can we really breach a realm of consciousness to retrieve information to help our soul’s journey? Is it a seamless process? How accurate is the information?

Ugh……all these questions… goes. It has been my experience and those that I assist that –yes – you can go there and retrieve valid, enhancing information. The Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones (librarians) translate and transfer requested information from past, present, and future lives. They ensure that the information delivered is appropriate for your individual journey. In other words, you do not get information that you are incapable of handling. Since time does not exist within the cosmic consciousness (time was invented by humans) then any influences across lifetimes that an individual wishes to explore can be brought into their consciousness and assessed. An individual may decide to keep and further incorporate this energy into their presently conscious energetic footprint or discard it, thus removing any harmful effects.

But wait a minute. There is one catch. Physicists and determinists are playing with the concepts that surround free will. Some quantum physicists are presenting probabilistic data that we are living within a computer simulation and they will portend that our free will is an illusion and that our choices have already been made. On the other hand, those who rally on the side of free will believe there is room for conscious choice. The jury will remain out on this issue for some time.

Obviously, our own beliefs will influence how we approach the records. If one believes in free will and that choices are continually being made that affect our soul’s journey, then they also have to believe that the information in the records is fluid and in constant realignment. Those who believe in predetermination, however, may look at the information in the records as static, never changing.

Either side of this coin has merit. The idea is to get clarity in the visions we have about our own life’s journey at any point within that journey. I believe we have a modicum of control over our destiny. I also believe that any perspective that we can gain about our path can actually influence our life in positive and rewarding ways. It allows us the freedom to consciously make changes on our path that result in forward movement, enhanced insight, and removal of obstructive acquired energies that stay with us across lifetimes. Removing such energy does not change what is written in the records, because we conserve the footprint for our next life; it just removes the charged emotional energy around an incident and allows us to move forward with grace.

Information is the key. On this day, my gratitude resides in the ability to share.

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